Goodyear 235/50R19 103T UG ICE SUV G1 XL FP 3PMSF

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Goodyear 235/50R19 103T UG ICE SUV G1 XL FP is a top-of-the-line winter tire designed for SUVs. This premium tire provides superior performance and safety in harsh winter conditions. For those who value quality and safety, this is the perfect choice.

Designed by the reputable brand Goodyear, this tire is equipped with advanced technology and features that make it stand out from other winter tires in the market. It has a durable tread pattern that provides excellent grip on icy and snowy roads, and its 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) rating ensures that it can handle extreme winter conditions.

One of the key selling points of this tire is its superior wet grip. With a wet grip rating of D, it ensures excellent handling and control on wet roads, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. This makes it a reliable option for those living in areas with heavy rainfall or for those going on long-distance trips during the winter.

In addition to wet grip, this tire also boasts a superior fuel rating of C, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It also has a low dicibel rating of 71, ensuring a quiet and comfortable driving experience. These features not only highlight the tire’s quality but also contribute to its eco-friendliness.

The Goodyear UG ICE SUV G1 XL FP also has an ice marking, indicating its excellent grip on icy surfaces. For added safety, it also has a snow marking, showcasing its ability to navigate through snowy roads with ease.

This tire is available in the size 235/50R19, making it compatible with a wide range of SUV models. Its XL (Extra Load) construction ensures it can handle heavy loads, making it a suitable option for both personal and commercial use.

Despite being a premium tire, it comes at a reasonable price of 3010 kr, making it an affordable and valuable investment. With a current stock balance of 145, it is easily accessible and can be purchased without any delay.

Don’t compromise on your safety and the performance of your SUV during the winter months. Choose the Goodyear 235/50R19 103T UG ICE SUV G1 XL FP and experience the ultimate driving experience on any winter road. With its exceptional features and reliable brand, this tire is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and provide a hassle-free and safe winter driving experience. Upgrade to Goodyear today and conquer any winter terrain with ease!